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How to measure the success of your marketing campaign

There’s nothing more satisfying than launching a digital marketing campaign and seeing the likes, clicks, and conversions roll in!

However, how do you know if your campaign is effective?

It’s essential to plan ahead and know not just the metrics you want to measure but what your targets are.

The metrics you choose will depend on the marketing channel you use. For example, if you’re running a Google Ads campaign, return on ad spend, or ROAS, is a great way to see how well your ads are performing.

You don’t have to measure lots of metrics; just pick two or three that reveal the most about your campaign.

Some metrics are more insightful than others. It might be great to see your number of followers on LinkedIn or Twitter skyrocket, but does this tell you anything about your business?

In this situation, it’s better to measure levels of engagement, or how many social media followers buy your products.

When you know what metrics to measure, it’s time to create some SMART goals. These goals are:

  • Specific – looking at what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it
  • Measurable – a goal that is quantifiable and trackable
  • Achievable – a goal that you can reasonably attain
  • Relevant – a goal that will help your business grow
  • Timely – a goal with an appropriate time frame

Let’s go back to our Google Ads campaign. Your goal could be:

“We want our return on ad spend to reach 1,000% by the end of Q3. We will do this by regularly reviewing and optimising our campaign and monitoring customer feedback.”

Measuring the success of your campaign is easier than you might think. Choose the right metrics and decide on a goal that will challenge you, but isn’t impossible to accomplish.

And, of course, don’t forget to monitor your results as you go along.

The best of luck with your next campaign!

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