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Good content can do a lot of amazing things. It can make us laugh. It can make us cry. It can make us buy.

If you need to create high-quality blogs, landing pages, social media messages or brochure copy – I can help.

What businesses have said about Keep it Simple:

“Kate has supported us in writing a number of tender applications. She has created well-researched and thorough responses that have helped us win new business, working swiftly and adeptly under pressure.”

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“Kate’s writing is always informative and a joy to read; this is also reflected in our analytics and SEO. Some of the topics we ask Kate to write about are quite niche and can be demanding but she never fails to deliver on quality and consistency.

“Outsourcing our blogs has saved us heaps of time and allows our marketing team to focus on other aspects of growing the business. We look forward to working with Kate more in the future.”

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